New Crime Trends

IRS Imposter Scams

Read the brochure below on IRS Imposter scams.  This is one of the most prevalent scams occurring in recent months.  There are phone rooms in other countries that have many callers employed who follow scripts in conducting these scams.  The bottom line is, no government agency or other legitimate company would ever require you to purchase a prepaid card and give them information over the phone or through an email.  They will threaten to arrest you if you do not purchase a card immediately and call them with the routing numbers.  This is a scam.  Read the IRS Scam brochure by clicking HERE.

High Tech Auto Burglaries

Watch the video below for details about a new high tech way that crooks get into your vehicle.  If you ever see anyone suspiciously walking between cars in a parking lot, report it to Police immediately.  Make sure to never leave your purse or other valuables in your vehicle.  Lets not make it easy for criminals!

Click here to watch video.