House Watch



House Watch Information

If you will be leaving town and wish to have your home included in the House Watch Program, please fill out and submit this form to the Police Department or call the on-duty Officer at (561) 262-7548.  This information is kept strictly confidential and is for Police use only.  Officers will randomly check your property while you are away and notify you if an emergency arises.  Please include your best out of area contact phone numbers where you can be reached.  Advise in the comments section your alarm information and if anybody is allowed to be on your property while you are away.  Many residents provide us with a spare key to their home in case of emergency or lock-outs, this is also a secure service of the Police Department.  The keys are kept in a locked box inside the Police Department and would only be used in case of an emergency.  Click HERE for a printable house watch form that you can print; fill out and drop off at the Police Department.  When you fill out and submit this electronic form, it is transmitted directly to Chief Pruitt at the Police Department.